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It's so beautiful outside today;
Maybe the beauty's always there--
I just don't go out every day.
How much I miss, nursing dispair!
I've cried away the whole winter season.
Now I smile at wind and weak sun,
Glad to be happy for any reason:
Oh, the damage to joy anger has done.
by = Nia Imani

Angelita Margarita

A man would die to be the paper
absorbing that hot ink under a firm pen
Making art with ease
Peacefulness in pen strokes
Jetting across the page with radiance
Creating and reinventing nature
All in her finger tips
Could fix anything
Make something out of nothing
With flowers in her hair
Stomping in soggy sand
She generously lends a hand

Angelita Margarita

1st Place May 25th,2001
My Soul Is Anchored

My soul must stay anchored
Every day of my life
Being a christian isn't easy
I'm put through sorrow and strife

But my soul must stay anchored
I must keep running this race
Many stare and many mock
And many laugh in my face

When they hate I will hope
When they laugh I will love
When they curse I will cherish
With strength from above

When my race is finally over
I will put away my shoes because
My soul was anchored in being
A vessel that God can use
by = Reginald Blair

Tie for 1st Place May 19,2001

Oh withered rose your petals are falling,
your cluster is in array
you are my gentle flower
don't leave the world today,

drink the fresh dews of life
hold on with all your might
crushed as you appear to be
there is hope, your day can be bright

oh withered rose, gentle rose you are my all,
my heart aches to see you crumble
I can not watch you fall

your demeanor has the luster still
it will give you strength to rise
reach out, take life's hand
open your lovely eyes
by = Caroleaj

The Last Rose

Goodbye, sweet love
The last petal has fallen
from this rose
this eternal rest,
I cannot defy
This burning flame,
I cannot deny.
My passion has faded
like my flower's wilt
my heart's desire
I cannot fulfill.
Where did the blossoms go?
Where has the wind blown?
The sweetest of moments have passed me by
...My last rose is destined to die.
by = Laura

Tie for 1st Place May 10,2001

How long will my eyes remain sleepless?
How long will this thunder scream,
raining memories of a past...
Shattered fragments, of broken dreams.
How long will this rain continue
shattering my heart like broken glass...
leaving me breathless in this winter
Searching for the sun
that set too fast.
How long will this ember embrace me
How long will this silence scream?
Raining memories of a past...
shattered fragments
of broken dreams.
by = Laura Frederick

Parched Memories

Footfalls in the parched grass,
Memories rippling up between my toes,
The warm, sharp prickles stirring
Thoughts of hot summer days.
A wagon filled with sweet sunbaked hay,
Filling my nose with hot, intoxicating pollen.
I stop to feel the sharp, dry grass
Almost cutting into my skin.
The smells, the sounds,
Carry me back to days once filled
With innocence and wonder;
Memories of parched summer days
Spent in childhood's fleeting embrace.
by = Vera Hypes

1st Place May 6, 2001


Every goodbye
Is a living sword
We bleed anew
Each time we part ways.

Every wound, every scar
A living soul,
With a history and
A personality all its own.

Like confetti they fall,
Memories, vain reminders of a fading past
Weary, like the inscriptions
On a forgotten tomb
Yet alive and well.

And there lies the trauma
Of our meeting,
Having to say

by = akalanze

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